Accessibility in Gaming

Welcome to the New Year! As we step into 2024, we're excited to bring you a special focus on gaming accessibility, a crucial and dynamic facet of the gaming universe.

This month we speak to the inspiring YouTuber Mohanad Al Syoof, who shares his story and his journey to success. We also look at Sony PlayStation's revolutionary Access Controller, a significant advancement in gaming that caters to players of all cognitive, visual, and physical abilities.

Additionally, we explore the rich history of accessibility in gaming. You can also check out the gaming industry's strides in developing accessibility through our infographic below.


This month's story focuses on a content creator turning his tragedy into a triumph as well as the evolution of technology in gaming accessibility.

From Obstacles to Opportunities: Mohanad Al Syoof's Journey as a Content Creator

Mohanad Al Syoof's content creation journey is one where his resilience and creativity have merged making him one of the most successful YouTubers in the region. Here's his story and the impact he's making as a content creator.

How Sony PlayStation's Access Controller Opens up Gaming for Everyone

We look at Sony PlayStation's Access Controller and how its innovative design is enhancing accessibility for gamers with diverse abilities.

The History and Evolution of Accessibility in Video Games

From early breakthroughs to advancements, this story highlights the pivotal strides toward creating a gaming world where everyone can play.


A curated selection of articles and stories that made an impact.

China's gaming stocks climb on report regulatory official removed

The Chinese government has ousted a top official in charge of regulating the country's gaming industry, according to reports, in a likely effort to stem the damage from a stock market rout over proposed restrictions on online games in late December.

Source: Reuters

13-year-old gamer becomes the first to beat the "unbeatable" Tetris - by breaking it

13-year-old gamer becomes the first to beat the 'unbeatable' Tetris - by breaking it. Willis aka 'blue scuti' made it to what gamers call a 'kill screen,' a point where the Tetris code glitches, crashing the game. 

Source: AP News

Developers are wanting more than The Game Awards are delivering

Developers are upset that The Game Awards featured very few awards or opportunities for winners to celebrate their achievements in favor of ads and celebrity guests.

Source: The Verge

Microsoft announces more Xbox leadership changes as Activision's Bobby Kotick departs

Microsoft is largely keeping the Activision Blizzard leadership structure in place, minus a few high-profile names.

Source: The Verge

The catastrophe of the Insomniac hack goes way beyond leaked games

The breach impacts more than 400 employees.

Source: Polygon
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